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O'Day Sailboats and Yachts from Bangor Punta

O'Day Sailboats and Yachts from Bangor Punta

O'Day made three types of sailboats / yachts during the Bangor Punta Era (1966-1984):

  1. Daysailers and Weekenders

O'Day 12, 15, 19, Day Sailer, Day Sailer II, Funfish, Javelin, Kitten, Mariner, Ospray, Rhodes, Seven/Eleven, Snark, Sprite and Widgeon

  1. Trailerable Cruisers

O'Day 20, 22, 23, 25 and 26

  1. Yachts / Offshore Cruisers

O'Day 27, 28, 30, 32, 34, 37 and 39

Bangor Punta Era Marketing Materials for O'Day Sailboats, Yachts and Cruisers

Section A: Daysailers and Weekenders
O'Day International Tempests: We've Just Taken Over (1969) 1969 O'Day International Tempests: We've Just Taken Over

O'Day international Tempests have won so many major regattas that people are beginning to see what we always knew: Ours is the winningest!

GGArchives REF: BPODY-003-1969-BW-AD

The New Mariner 2+2 - The World's Roomiest Sailboat of its Size 1969 The New O'Day Mariner 2+2 - The World's Roomiest Sailboat of its Size

From the world's largest producer of fiberglass sailboats comes the all-new Mariner for 1969. It sleeps four on individual full-length berths.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-004-1969-BW-AD

Part of the O'Day Gold Medal Fleet - The O'Day Day Sailer II - 1972 Print Advertisement 1972 The O'Day Gold Medal Fleet: O'Day Day Sailer II

The new Day Sailer II sailboat features positive foam flotation … the addition of two cockpit inspection/bailing ports and a self-bailing cockpit.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-008-1972-BW-AD

Introducing The O'Day 12. O'Day Reinvents The Basic Sailboat. (1976) 1976 O'Day reinvents the basic sailboat. Introducing the O'Day 12.

The O'Day 12 is a sensible alternative to the board-boats. Because it's a true sailboat. Not a surfboard with a mast.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-024-1976-C-AD-2

The O'Day 12 Sailboat: A Sophisticated Racing Boat (1977) 1977 O'Day 12: A Sophisticated Racing Boat

The O'Day 12 Sailboat is an unusual combination of simplicity and great sophistication. She's easy to sail and quick to rig—but she's also fitted with "fine-tune" controls...

GGArchives REF: BPODY-029-1977-C-AD


Section B: Trailerable Cruisers
When Baby Makes Three ... The O'Day 20 - 1973 Advertisement 1973 When Baby Makes Three... It's Time For The O'Day 20

The new O'Day 20 was made for people like you. Fast enough to race. Roomy enough to cruise. Easy to trailer and launch, even with small cars.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-013-1973-C-AD

Sail A Convertible - The New O'Day 23 - 1973 Advertisement 1973 Sail A Convertible... The New O'Day 23

In the water and on the wind, the O'Day 23 safety features and handling qualities stand out: Self-bailing and self-righting; with keel and centerboard combination.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-011-1973-C-AD

O'Days Newest Sailboat - the O'Day 25 - 1974 Print Advertisement. 1974 O'DAY 25 - O'Day's newest Sailboat

The new O'Day 25 … sleek and stylish. Today's biggest trailerable cruiser. Broad beamed for live-aboard comfort. Wide, flat decks invite sunbathing, provide racing safety.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-017-1974-C-AD

Introducing the O'Day 23 Compact Cruiser - 1976 Print Advertisement 1976 Introducing the O'Day 23 Compact Cruiser
Unlike many roomy boats, the O'Day 23 is also fast. We gave her 235 sq.ft. of sail, a 5'6" centerboard and 900 lbs. of ballast so she'll more than hold her own with other boats her size.
GGArchives REF: BPODY-023-1976-C-AD
O'Day 25 Yacht: Five Critical Things To Look For When You Buy A Compact Cruiser (1976) 1976 O'Day 25: Five critical things to look for when you buy a compact cruiser

Only uncommon materials will survive. But they're expensive. Stainless steel. Tempered Dacron sailcloth. Braided lines. Solid teak. All are specified for the O'Day 25.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-025-1976-BW-AD-2

The O'Day 25 Sailboat - You Can Take It With You (1975) 1975 O'Day 25 Sailboat - You Can Take It With You

For cruising luxury, racing swiftness and trailering convenience, choose the O'Day 25. C. Raymond Hunt Associates designed her for O'Day. And, you won't believe she's even self-righting.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-020-1975-C-AD

INTRODUCING THE O'DAY 23 - 1977 Magazine Advertisement 1977 INTRODUCING THE O'DAY 23

The O'Day 23 is a brand-new family cruiser. A boat that solves a lot of problems. Unlike some other trailerables, she's big inside, with a full 5' headroom, 7'11" beam.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-030-1977-C-AD

The O'Day 25 Maxitrailerable 25 Foot Yacht is King of the Road. 1979 The O'Day 25 Maxitrailerable 25 Footer is King of the Road

The performance standard that John Deknatel and the Hunt Associates' designers created for the O'Day 25 Sailboat has been a rude shock to many a hot MORC racer.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-034-1979-C-AD-2


Section C: Yachts (Offshore Cruisers)
The New O'Day 27 - Fast, Comfortable, Sleeps 5 and under $7,000 - 1972 Print Advertisement. 1972 The New O'Day 27: Fast. Comfortable. Sleeps 5. Under $7000

Designed by Alan Gurney, the O'Day 27 is a cruising boat with generous live aboard accommodations like five giant size berths, enclosed head, large galley and dining area.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-009-1972-BW-AD

The Family That Races Together Deserves an O'Day 27 - 1973 Advertisement 1973 The Family That Races Together Deserves An O'Day 27

O'Day 27 was designed for competition by Alan Gurney, creator of the spectacular ocean-racing winner Windward Passage.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-012-1973-C-AD

O'Day 32 Yacht - Newest, Biggest Double Cabin. 1974 Print Advertisement. 1974 O'DAY 32: A complete Cruising Yacht

O'Day 32 Our newest. Biggest. Double Cabin. Sleeps 6. A complete Cruising Yacht. Backed by O'Day's 2 year Gold Medal warranty.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-014-1974-C-AD

Introducing The O'Day 32 Aft-Cabin Sailboat (1975) 1975 Introducing the O'Day 32 Aft-Cabin Sailboat

The performance of The O'Day 32 upwind is remarkable. Her low drag, high-lift centerboard, providing 7'1" of draft. The O'Day 32 has a separate aft-cabin.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-018-1975-BW-AD-2

O'Day 27 II - To Race or To Cruise - 1975 Print Advertisement. 1975 O'Day 27 II Yacht: You want to race. She wants to cruise

The O'Day 27 Yacht has new interior decor. Optional wheel steering. A sheer strake for a longer, lower look.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-019-1975-C-AD

The O'Day 27 II: Winning Racer, Leisure Cruiser - 1976 Print Advertisement 1975 O'Day 27II winning racer. A leisurely cruiser.

The O'Day 27 yacht has been winning races since she first set sail 3 seasons ago. But, O'Day can't resist perfecting her. The 1976 improvements are inside.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-021-1975-C-AD

New! Aft Cabin - O'Day 32 - 1977 Sales Brochure 1977 O'Day 32 Yacht - New! Aft Cabin

The O'Day 32 provides a full 6'5" headroom in the main cabin. Even on a long cruise, you won't believe she's under 40'. You'll sail, eat and sleep in pure comfort.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-026-1977-C-BRO

The O;Day 32 Yacht with Aft-Cabin Privacy and Living Space for Six 1977 The O'Day 32: How it gives you aft-cabin privacy

Many 32' boats have berths for six. But few have room for six to live in comfort and in privacy for weeks on end. The O'Day 32 most definitely does.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-028-1977-BW-AD

What an O'Day for a Daydream - 1978 Print Advertisement for O'Day Yachts. 1978 What an O'Day For A Daydream - The New O'Day 30

The O'Day 30 is really two brand new boats — a center-boarder for shoal draft convenience, and a raceable fixed-keel version for maximum performance on the wind in a breeze.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-031-1978-C-AD-2

What an O'Day for a Daydream - the Tri-Cabin O'Day 37 1978 The New Tri-Cabin O'Day 37 - A Maximum Offshore Family Cruiser

The O'Day 37i is a pleasing sailing, tri-cabin, center cockpit yacht. The master's cabin aft is a self-contained suite — fore and aft double berth, sink, vanity, head, shower and a sofa.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-032-1978-C-AD-2

Long Distance Calling. The O'Day 37 Yacht - 1979 Print Advertisement. 1979 LONG DISTANCE CALLING. The O'Day 37 Yacht

The O'Day 37 puts real sailing back into the luxury tri-cabin yacht. Reward yourself with an O'Day 37 for all of your years of hard work.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-035-1979-C-AD-2

The O'Day 28 Yacht: The World's Shortest 30 Footer 1980 O'Day 28 Yacht: The World's Shortest 30 Footer

O'Day knows that families with 30 footer appetites often come equipped with much shorter budgets. So we've built a 28 footer that respects the classic large boat traditions.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-038-1980-C-AD-2

The O'Day 37 Yacht: Flat-Out Cruising Machine (1980) 1980 The O'Day 37 Yacht: Flat-Out Cruising Machine

The O'Day 37 puts real sailing back into tri-cabin yachting. The cockpit's for mingling, the aft complex indulges the skipper's pride of ownership.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-037-1980-C-AD

The New O'Day 34 - All the Ingredients for Greatness. 1981 Print Advertisement. 1981 ALL THE INGREDIENTS FOR GREATNESS - The New O'Day 34 Family Cruiser

John Deknatel and C. Raymond Hunt Associates have created the new O'Day 34 for sailors who yearn for the style and detailing of a Cal or C&C.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-039-1981-C-AD

The O'Day 28. Afford A Boat This Big. Happy With A Boat This Small. (1981) 1981 The O'Day 28. Afford A Boat This Big. Happy With A Boat This Small.

The O'Day 28 is a modestly-priced 28-footer that gives up nothing in roominess and style. Its layout is classically symmetrical.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-042-1981-C-AD

The O'Day 30: When the Race is Over. 1981 Print Advertisement. 1981 The O'Day 30: When the Race is Over, The Party's On Us

Out on the race course, the big old O'Day 30 can really thunder, often to the discomfort of the specialized racers.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-040-1981-C-AD

The O'Day 37 - 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths at 8 Knots. 1982 Print Advertisement 1982 The O'Day 37: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths at 8 Knots

It should be no surprise that the O'Day 37 is a popular choice with charter operators in the Caribbean, Greece, Turkey and elsewhere.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-044-1982-C-AD

The New O'Day 39: A Mighty Combination of Speed, Power, Space and Strength. (1982) 1982 The New O'Day 39: A Mighty Combination of Speed, Power, Space and Strength + Financing

There has never been an O'Day—or any other American boat—like the O'Day 39. Discover it today. Long Term Financing Available Below Prime Rate.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-045-1982-C-AD

The New O'Day 39 Sailboat - 1983 Advertisement 1983 The New O'Day 39: A Mighty Combination of Speed, Power, Space and Strength

The O'Day 39 offers more than state-of-the-art hull design and powerful double-spreader rig. It is fast, strong and one of the best built boats in America.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-046-1983-C-AD


Section D: O'Day Branding and Miscellaneous
O'Day Fleet Building Tricks: Free Spinnakers. (1970) 1970 O'Day Fleet Building Tricks: Free Spinnakers.

O'Day reaches into its bag of fleet budding tricks and comes up with free spinnakers. Almost unbelievable, isn't it?

GGArchives REF: BPODY-006-1970-BW-AD

What's a Fleet?  A Fleet Is You Starting One. 1970 What's A Fleet? A Fleet Is You Starting One.

A fleet can be exactly what you want it to be. We'd dearly like to tell you that your choice of boat is vital to your fun.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-007-1970-BW-AD

For Sailboat Shoppers: The Nitty-Gritty Ditty Bag $2.00 From O'Day. (1970) 1970 For Sailboat Shoppers: The Nitty-Gritty Ditty Bag $2.00 From O'Day

The Nitty-Gritty Ditty Bag full of everything you need to go boat shopping -- Boat shopping is boat comparing.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-005-1970-BW-AD

O'Day 1974 Gold Medal Cruising Fleet - 1974 Print Advertisement. 1974 ODay Gold Medal Cruising Fleet '74

Today's best built sailboats. Safe. Easy-to-sail. Backed with a 2-year warranty. The O'Day 23, O'Day 22, O'Day 20 and the Mariner.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-016-1974-C-AD

What makes O'day a better value? 1974 Magazine Advertisement 1974 O'Day Sailboats - What makes O'day a better value?

O'Day has a solid, well built model for every fun plan ...great 12' challengers ...swift day sailers ...comfortable family cruisers.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-015-1974-C-AD

What To Look For In A Day Sailer (Page 1 of 2) 1976 O'Day explains what to look for in a family day sailer

THERE ARE ABOUT 150 different open sailboats on the market. We'd like to show you what's important in a family boat—and why we think you should consider one of ours.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-022-1976-BW-AD-2


Section E: O'Day Catalogs & Brochures
O'Day 1966 Sailboat Fleet Catalog O'Day 1966 Fleet Catalog

O'Day Sailboat Fleet Catalog for 1966 Features the Day Sailer, Funfish, Javelin, Kitten, Ospray, Rhodes 19, 7/11, Snark and Sprite.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-001-1966-C-CAT

1967 O'Day Sailboat Brochure Cover O'Day 1967 Sailboat Catalog

Superb Color Catalog features the O'Day Outlaw, Tempest, International Tempest, Mariner, Rhodes 19, Day Sailer and Ospray.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-002-1967-C-CAT

1973 O'Day Gold Medal Flleet Catalog O'Day 1973 Gold Medal Fleet Catalog

The O'Day Gold Medal Fleet Catalog for 1973 Featured the O'Day 23, O'Day 22, Mariner 2+2, Rhodes 19, Day Sailer II, Javelin and Widgeon sailboats.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-010-1972-C-CAT

1977 The O'Day Yachts - O'Day 27; O'Day 30; O'Day 32; O'Day 37 O'Day 1977 Yachts Catalog

O'Day Yachts Catalog for 1977 Featured The O'Day 27, O'Day 30, O'Day 32 and the Tri-Cabin O'Day 37. Includes What To Look For In A Yacht and Standard Equipment Listings.

GGArchives REF: BPODY-027-1977-C-CAT




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The O'Day Gold Medal Fleet 2 Year Warranty (1973 O'Day Catalog)

Every item manufactured by O'Day, a Bangor Punta Company, or O'Day's subsidiaries, is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of shipment from O'Day's plant. O'Day will repair or replace any item which was defective at the time of shipment from O'Day's plant provided O'Day is promptly notified within thirty (30) days after the date of original purchase by the original user but in no event shall this warranty extend beyond a period equal to 24 months from the date of shipment from O'Day's plant and, if requested by O'Day for purposes of verification of any claimed defect, the item is returned to O'Day for examination. Any expenses incurred in the returning of an item shall be at the owner's expense. In no event shall O'Day's liabilities for defects for any item manufactured by O'Day exceed O'Day's replacement cost. This Warranty is VOID if: 1) repairs are attempted by anyone other than O'Day or its authorized designees, 2) repairs are needed due to normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance, 3) for replacement of a part which is a normal maintenance replacement item. This Warranty does not apply to accessories manufactured by others but furnished with O'Day's equipment as they are usually warranted by their respective manufacturers. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OR OTHERWISE,WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE WARRANTY EXPRESSED HEREIN. O'Day accepts no responsibility or liability for any representations, acts ,or omissions of retail or wholesale dealers relating to the preparation and/or sale of O'Day's products to original users.

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